GalaVideos is a video production company serving advertising agencies and the research community.


    A genuine peek inside a person’s home; get up close and personal with your consumers.


    Find out from the local community what they think about your product or service.


    The classic way to engage with consumers.


    The most entertaining way to present your insights in the board room.


    Find out from the real professionals the lay of the land in their field.


    From anywhere, so that clients can conveniently watch from home or from a mobile device.


    Experience in navigating and setting up research logistics around the Globe.

  • Nora Gala

    Nora heads a small team of video professionals based in New York City. Prior to specializing in qualitative research, she worked for news organizations and on documentaries world wide. Her passion has always been finding people's unique stories on the other side of the lens. Her genuine interest and down to earth, nonjudgemental presence gives her the ability to make people feel at ease and open up. Long-standing clients praise her professionalism and trust in her ability to accommodate various needs under tight deadlines.

  • Testimonials

    Robin Hafitz, Open Mind Strategies

    "Research video is the secret weapon of a successful presentation and we turn to Nora again and again because she is more than just a great videographer. She's also a valued member of our team that brings an open mind and keen instinct to the table, helping us "crack the code" and go deep with consumers. I highly recommend her for those looking for both professionalism and artistry in research video."

    Jesse Caesar, Jesse Caesar Consulting

    "Nora is a master storyteller and my preferred partner in videography. Not only is her filmmaking and editing technically excellent, her output demonstrates a firm grasp of study objectives. I can always count on her videos to help me deliver insights with deeper impact.​"

    Adina Daar, Sachs Insights

    "I’ve worked with Nora on international projects in Australia and Canada. I have been very impressed by her ability to capture beautiful videos alongside consistent live-streaming services – all while navigating the often unpredictable and unexpected logistics that come with global work. She is pro on every level and a great partner to work with."